Kingsbridge U.S. to Kingsbridge U.K.

May 19, 2014 - 2 comments

I spent a great deal of my life growing up in the shadows of the Kingsbridge Armory in the Bronx, New York, after moving there from the South Bronx at the ripe old age of six.

By the age of ten sitting on the rooftops, watching the colorful moving murals of graffiti adorned number 4 trains roll by, became a favorite pastime. While maneuvering the streets in survival mode, taught me lessons in human relations, the likes of which you can’t learn in any psychology class.

Every experience I endured, from being a coward to being courageous, from being poor to finding momentary wealth, from harboring hate in my heart to being fearless enough to love unconditionally, were all taught to me right there on the streets of the Bridge.

So it is with no great stretch of the imagination that I decided to name my upstart publishing venture Kingsbridge Publishing… Win or lose, succeed or fail, find victory or fade into oblivion… The name is a representation of where it all began…

Being that I’m in the early stages of building what I hope will eventually become the premiere publishing house of true Bronx tales, New York stories, art and photography books, and literature that empowers and encourages our youth to read, write and create  – I was in need of an affordable commissioned piece that would represent home…

With graffiti art becoming a worldwide phenomenon ensuring that Kingsbridge graffiti legends, like Cope 2 (Kings Destroy) and Tracy 168 (Wild Style), command upwards of $20,000 and higher for their artwork, and rightfully so. I was forced to look across the pond to a talented graf writer from the U.K., named Gordon “Gee” Smith, for a piece that would embody the essence of grit, grime, rhythm and rhyme, motion and movement, that exemplifies and personifies everything I know this company will eventually become… Historical.

A true work of art, becoming a picture, which speaks one thousand words, without merely uttering a one…

Utilizing social networking (Instagram) I humbly reached out to Gee with a vision that he brought to life, in the form of the canvass pictured at the beginning of this blog.

Kingsbridge in the United States, successfully connected with an artist very close to Kingsbridge, United Kingdom, to bridge the cultural divide society often tries to force upon us.

The work this talented brother Gee, from England, was able to bring to life, speaks volumes to the talent that exists all over the world – as well as the power of building friendships and business relationships through professional, respectful dialogue on social media. 

History is an extremely powerful gift of insight into the challenges and triumphs of the past. It is a gift that if treated with respect can provide a vast wealth of knowledge for many future generations to come.

Next time you’re on a social networking site – Keep in mind, there is a humble partner somewhere, waiting to assist you in bringing your vision to life – Regardless of the physical distance that may lie between us and them…

Keep it human!

One Love, Ivan W. Sanchez


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Martin on June 01, 2014

Best of luck to you Ivan

Robert on May 30, 2014

My brother best of luck an continuous success in this project an the ones that follow. Can’t wait to be formally introduced as part of this new founded family an have my name up there under authors as well let’s go !!!!!

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