Know the Vision

Apr 30, 2014 - 0 comments

The executive team at Simon & Schuster originally chose this to be the cover of Next Stop: Growing up Wild-Style in the Bronx…

This cover also carries a classic Joe Conzo photo of the Bronx, back in the 80’s, as a backdrop. And while I did like this cover, I didn’t love it.  Most likely because it was too dark and I worried that it wouldn’t stand out in a bookstore, amidst a sea of books.

So I went with the other cover and fought to make sure they understood this was my life story and that I wouldn’t support them not allowing me to make the final call.

I won that war – but ultimately lost another battle in regards to removing the bullet hole from the cover of the existing book.

As new authors it’s important that we know what our vision for our story is…  and just as important, that we make every attempt to bring that vision to our audience.

At the same time – we also have to know what battles we can win and what battles might just shut us down before we’re able to present our work to the world.

It’s all about balancing your talent and creativity with your intelligence and ultimate goal…

No different from life… There must be balance in order to thrive!

One Love, Ivan W. Sanchez


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